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We have gathered in one place all the information you will need so you too can learn to make money through the Internet. The information you will see is straight forward, no bull, tried and true tactics that work. These are tactics the online gurus don't want you to know because, let's face it, if everyone knew how easy it is to make money online, everyone would be doing it.

All the tips and information that is so hard to find online and have taken years to gather and understand are here in one place.
Dee Vanover & Associates, Inc. is an Internet Marketing firm. We use white hat methods to get our customers to the top of the search engines quickly. We can develop a website, blog or both for you, or simply increase your existing website's traffic and search engine placement. Contact us at 954-370-7291
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Unlimited Website Hosting

Creating several websites can help your business grow and you will make money faster.
However, buying hosting for those websites can run up your operating costs, especially as a new business. 
We have reviewed several hosting companies and chose one highly rated company that offers hosting for Unlimited Websites in one low priced package. Get the tools you need to succeed.

Save Money, Send & Receive Faxes by Email

Keeping costs down in this economy is an important aspect of managing any business. Prudent business owners periodically review operating costs to save money. During this review, we were surprised to see how much our fax line was costing every month, and decided to look into other options. 
An associate was using an electronic based faxing service that allowed him to send and receive faxes through his email and cell phone. We were impressed with the quality of the faxes we received from him. The faxes were always very clear and easy to read, plus we did not have to print them unless we needed a hard copy and we could forward or fax them on with ease. The best part, we could get the faxes on our cell phones or through the Internet while out of the office. 
The cost, one quarter of what we were paying for the fax line, plus we could save on paper and ink costs. We immediately signed up for the 30 day free trial. This is a win/win situation. Electronic faxing is perfect for the high tech world we operate in. 
Whether you are a small, medium or large business, you will benefit from the ease of use, high quality and cost savings of Electronic Faxing. 
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Let's Help Each Other  
Do You Need a Website or Landing Page Created for You?
After struggling for years to work online, I decided to outsource website creation and many of our other online projects to my very computer savvy, out-of-work 23 year old son and his equally talented out-of-work friends. Because of our economy and the lack of work available for his age group, they gladly jumped at the chance and the results were terrific. It took them one to two hours to do what normally takes me two days.

It was a good lesson; Outsource, Outsource, Outsource

 Outsourcing is the key to Internet success.

Do You Want to Work From Home?
Working from home is the goal of many in these turbulent and tough economic times. The Internet is the only place you can reach millions of people at little or no cost. You can make a living on the Internet and we will show you how!
Do You Need to Make More Money?
Job layoffs and cutbacks are growing with more and more people looking for ways to supplement their income or replace their income. You can replace your income through the Internet and we will show you how!
Do You Want to Spend More Time with Your Family?
It is hard to make a living today without working 40, 50, 60 or more hours per week. Being away from family takes it toll on kids and parents alike. Plus, you spend money on commuting, wardrobe and food. You can work from home, make money online and tell your boss goodbye!
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